-More funding for programs and support services targeting single parent families, hānai family situations and those that work hard to make ends meet. (Daycare, after school outreach, etc)

-More funding for programs and expanded services for kūpuna (elderly) such as: transportation, intergenerational programs, food/medicine/mental health and other social supports like mobile medical and dental clinics funded in part through grants, subsidies and community partnerships.

-Address unsheltered population issues (shelter, mental health services, supports) through subsidies and incentives for community housing, counseling and rehabilitation.

-Identify and construct (or refurbish) underutilized or vacant county properties for affordable rental units, partnering with and land/housing trusts to manage them.




- Mindful management and leasing of county Ag land to ensure increase in local food production.

  -Foster partnerships and agreements with UHMC, large businesses and the county to educate and assist small scale farmers, agribusiness students and others in sustainable, healthy, renewable agricultural practices.

-Encourage the critical discussion surrounding risk-to-benefit analysis of re-zoning agricultural land.

-Revisit and renew community plans over 10 years old in a more timely manner to accommodate the growth in our island population and assess important and critical impacts on our communities through greater involvement of stakeholder groups.


-Identify baseline measurements for true assessment of water availability and demand to assess areas where water is needed and wells or other water sources can be identified or developed.

-Develop and maintain more storage facilities with larger capacities to address our growing communitiesʻ needs.

-Integrate traditional and cultural uses with county demands.



-Encourage transparency and ease of public interaction and accessibility of information from county departments and officials.

-Implement measurement systems for departmental goal strategy success which would help to ensure fiscal accountability.



-Increase sensitivity, consideration and integration of the evidence and actions surrounding the transitional nature of the Hawaiian nation.