Born and raised on Maui, Trinette attended a combination of public and private schools before graduating in 1988 from Maui High School. She is a Kanaka Maoli (Indigenous Hawaiian) descended from five generations of ‘ohana (family) on Maui alone. She is a single mother to a keiki (child) currently attending Ke Kula Kaiapuni o Samuel Enoka Kalama Intermediate School and believes that every one of us deserves to live in a community that is healthy, sustainable, prosperous, engaging, communicative and works together. She believes that we CAN do this to ensure that our keiki and their keiki will be able to drink clean water, grow food in healthy soil and provide for themselves and their families long after the seeds we plant today, have sprouted. As your Councilmember, Trinette will work together with you and the other County Council members to realize that future by creating solid legislation that protects our island way of life while addressing important issues, needs and trends.

She believes this representative government has forgotten whom it represents and wants to work WITH AND FOR YOU to make it what it should be: a governance BY THE PEOPLE, OF THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE. But it takes people. She understands that we need someone to stand up for PONO (what is right; righteous); for what we believe in and continue to stand up even when others are encouraging her to sit down against our better interests and involvement. As a legislative aide for Maui County Councilmember Alika Atay, she has helped our community learn about and become involved, in large and small issues that impact us and has helped to stop proposed rampant development projects and protect our natural resources.

As your Councilmember, she will work on issues surrounding our unsheltered and indigent residents. Our cost of living has become burdensome as wages cannot keep pace with the expense of everyday necessities  and affordable housing.  The dream of home ownership for many is shrinking and more and more individuals and families are finding themselves in situations they never expected. We must look at this critically and address it immediately through more County subsidies, incentives and educational programs and services.

Trinette believes that we must address the critical issues openly, honestly and outright, in order to get through the tough work of starting change or weʻll never realize the change that will be our highest good. We must start now!

E holomua KĀKOU! (Letʻs Move Forward TOGETHER!)

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* Camp Imua (Imua Rehab)- 17 yrs
* Nā Leo Pūlama (Pūnana Leo)
* Nā Leo Kāko‘o (Pā`ia School)
*‘Aha Kauleo (2014-2016; Exec Board)
* Sierra Club, Maui Chapter